This post covers everything you need to know about the quick/counter service restaurant, Casey’s Corner including a history of the restaurant, menus and an FAQ to finish things off! If you have any further questions about any of the menus or anything else about the restaurant then let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Casey’s Corner Restaurant History and Overview

Although for me at least, it seems as if the restaurant has always been at the Magic Kingdom, it did in fact open on May 27th 1995.

Previously the restaurant was home to Refreshment Corner which had been there since opening day in 1971 and was based on the restaurant of the same name in Disneyland (which is still standing and has been since 1955!).

The name Casey’s Corner comes from the famous poem, “Casey at the Bat,” which was written by Ernest Thayer in 1888. Imagineers are fantastic at inserting little pieces of history everywhere in the parks and there is a nice nod to the year in the signage for Casey’s Corner:

Casey's Corner Sign 1888

Disney also made a cartoon of Casey at the bat that was released in 1946 and on occasion plays on the inside of the restaurant.

Observant readers will know from my author bio that one of my earliest memories of the park was of Casey’s Corner and drinking Nesquik chocolate milk from the carton (yeah they used to do them in cartons) while listening to Jim playing on the piano outside.

Jim has been working at Walt Disney World for over 30 years entertaining guests with his piano playing, you can check him out below:

This video doesn’t do Jim justice and if you have never had the chance to see him play I would highly recommend taking the time out of your day to enjoy if he is out playing.

The overall theming of the restaurant is obviously baseball,  both the interior and exterior are full of nods to the days of baseball old. I won’t ruin all the details for you but expect to see old pictures of famous games and players, hanging baseball team pennants and a lot more!

The tables and chairs are all red with white stripes to keep in with the theming and Casey himself is there to greet guests on the way into the restaurant.

Casey from Casey's Corner

The Casey figure on the exterior of the restaurant is based on the old Cigar Store Indians that  used to stand outside of tobacco stores to advertise their products and I often see guests posing for a photo in this spot.

In short, the imagineers at Disney really went to town in inserting references into this place and like most places in Disney, it is well worth a detailed look!

Dining View at Casey’s Corner

The view at Casey’s Corner is one of the best in any quick service or full table service location in all of Walt Disney World in my opinion (only true if you get an outside table). The tables outside of the restaurant are crowded for a reason and this is because they overlook Cinderella Castle which on a sunny day is one of the best views you will get of the castle,  better yet you can enjoy the view while you enjoy a great tasting hot dog!

Casey’s Corner Opening Times

Casey’s Corner tends to open around 11am everyday and is usually one of the last quick service restaurants to stay open at the Magic Kingdom, usually closing when the park does.

Casey’s Corner opens for lunch and dinner though the menu doesn’t change throughout the day so you can go anytime you like and expect the same menu offering. The restaurant is a quick service restaurant and counts as a single quick service credit if you are on the Disney Dining Plan. There are tables both inside and outside to sit and enjoy the food though be warned that in peak times both sets of tables get very busy (as does the restaurant) so I would advise eating early (when the restaurant opens) or later in the evening when things quiet down.

corn dog nuggets at Casey's Corner

Photo credit: Disney Food Blog

As this is a standard quick service restaurant, there are no reservations available. If you choose to use a credit from the Dining Plan you will be able to have a beverage, entrée and a dessert (listed in the snacks below). I have tried pretty much everything on the menu below and can say with confidence that both the speciality hot dogs are awesome, as are the corn dog nuggets. The desserts are okay but not worth it if you are having to pay and aren’t on the dining plan.



Assorted Fountain Beverages Regular – $2.99

Includes Coca-Cola products and the standard fountain drinks sold at all food locations across Walt Disney World

Assorted Fountain Beverages Large – $3.29

Includes Coca-Cola products and the standard fountain drinks sold at all food locations across Walt Disney World

Dasani Bottled Water – $2.75

Minute Maid Apple Juice – $2.79

Nesquik Chocolate Milk – $2.59

Nestle Hot Cocoa – $2.49

Odwalla All-Natural Lemonade – $2.99

Milk – $2.59

Coffee – $2.49

Both regular or decaf available


Chilli-Cheese Dog – $10.29

Topped with chili and melted cheddar. Served with apple slices or french fries

Barbecue Slaw Dog – $10.29

Topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, and barbecue Sauce. Served with apple slices or french fries

Polish Sausage – $9.99

Topped with caramelized onions and stone-ground mustard. Served with apple slices or french fries

Hot Dog Meal – $8.29

Served with apple slices or french fries

Corn Dog Nuggets – $5.99


French Fries – $2.99

Cotton Candy – $4.19

Brownie – $3.29

Cracker Jack – $2.59

Casey’s Corner FAQ

This section covers off some of the burning questions asked by guests wanting eat at Casey’s Corner.

Is Casey’s Corner on the Disney Dining Plan?

Yup – providing you want a full meal you can use one quick service entitlement to grab yourself any of the items from the entrées list along with a drink and a dessert.

Can I get a corn dog nugget combo?

Absolutely – you can grab corn dog nuggets, a drink and a dessert for a single quick service entitlement though keep in mind the nuggets are not as highly valued as the hot dogs.

What is the food like?

For a quick service restaurant, the food is amazing. If you want a good quality hot dog then this is the place to go in the Magic Kingdom. I personally wouldn’t go for a plain hot dog and would always go for either the chilli dog or the barbecue slaw dog, the corn dog nuggets are fantastic too!

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions please feel free to leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook anytime and one of us will get back you!