While booking FastPass+ for Walt Disney World can, and should be, an incredibly exciting time of vacation planning, it can also be stressful for both first time and even seasoned visitors of the resort.

To make things a little easier we thought we would create a list of some of our top tips for booking FastPasses. If you want to weigh in your tips on this topic feel free to comment below or on our forum thread, the best tips will make their way into this guide!

1) Have a Plan

This is perhaps the most important tip on the list and still something we see a lot of people not bother with. Yes, we know it’s annoying to plan those ADRs in advance and perhaps even more annoying to have to specify at what point in a day to ride three of your favourite attractions by booking a FastPass, but it is worth it to avoid missing out on some of the more popular attractions.

Having a plan means you will need to have discussions (sometimes several) with all party members to come to some form of agreement on what attractions to do. We personally find it really useful to have a spreadsheet handy and ready to go on a laptop (or MacBook in our case) with all the FastPasses we want to book, to then book them all on the app on our phone.

Having this plan means you can spend minimal time worrying about booking them when the floodgates are unleashed on your FastPass day.

2) Book Your FastPasses ASAP!

The time in which you can book FastPasses is 12pm UK time and 7am ET. It is well worth logging in as soon as you can to book these to avoid disappointment. Though it seems crazy, some of the most popular attractions really do go quickly so it is worth logging in as soon as you possibly can.

It can be an annoying time for those of us that work but it’s well worth taking an early lunch or even day off to make sure you book everything you want.

Don’t panic too much if you login at 12pm and see that your tickets still haven’t been linked up. Close your app or browser and try again, this usually fixes the issue.

3) Select the Time of the Day that Suits You

You don’t need to choose the times that Disney offer you when you are booking FastPasses, you can select general times of Morning, Afternoon or Evening or go for more specific times that work for you. The latter is great for when you have your first FastPass booked and want to get your second and third as close to the first as possible.


Booking specific times is also really handy when you have dining reservations booked as you can book your FastPasses around your reservations.

4) You Can Book More Than 3 FastPasses

Though many people are aware of the ability to book more than three FastPasses in a day, Disney obviously don’t make it obvious so it can be easy to miss!

Once you have finished with your third pre-selected FastPass for the day you can then go back into the My Disney Experience App and look for another FastPass to book.

A tip here is to book one as soon as possible because once you are done with your 4th you can then book a 5th and so on and so forth. You can book as many FastPasses as you like using this method but you must be done with your first three beforehand.

5) Book Your FastPasses Early in the Day

In an extension to point four, the earlier you book your three main FastPasses the better chance you have in getting access to some of the more popular rides in any additional FastPasses you then book.

In addition to this, you will be able to fit in a lot more FastPasses in a given day if your first three are booked for the first three hours or so of the park being open!

6) Book the Busiest Attractions First

To methodological planner like me, it often makes sense to book FastPasses in the order of the days you have planned at the parks. This can be a mistake and in doing this you may end up not getting the time you want for some of the more busier attractions at Walt Disney World.

In rare instances when the parks are busy, doing this may result in missing out on an attraction entirely!

At time of writing this is likely to be Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With that in mind it is advised you book your FastPasses at these parks first.

7) There Are Two Booking Windows

Broadly speaking there are two FastPass booking windows, one at 60 days at one at 30 days.

60 Days

If you are staying on property at a Walt Disney World Resort then you will be lucky enough to book your FastPasses before anybody else. 60 days before you arrive at your hotel you will be able to book FastPasses for the duration of your stay. It’s one of the few perks that Disney give guests that stay on property, lets hope it doesn’t disappear anytime soon!

30 Days

For anybody not staying on property the window drastically reduces to 30 days. This makes it a lot more difficult to secure FastPasses earlier in the day for some of the most popular attractions in Walt Disney World. In rare cases people booking 30 days in advance may miss out entirely on some of the most popular experiences.

There are two main windows but you are of course free to try and secure FastPasses on the day, just don’t expect many to be available!

8) Leave a Couple of Days Open in your Trip When Possible

While not all of you are going to have the luxury of having this as an option, those travelling to the Walt Disney World Resort for a week or more should save a couple of days where there are no real plans made. Yes, we know this kind of contradicts our first point but hold on a second and let us explain…

If you have leave a couple of days spare during your trip we would still advise booking FastPasses on these days but instead of worrying too much about what you are booking just go for a few for a park you might be back in that day. You can always change your mind when you are out there but at least you have something booked. With these kinds of days we don’t tend to do things as  book a couple of FastPasses for a park that you think you might want to go to. If you don’t end up going to the park you have booked FastPasses for then you can simply switch them out when you are there.

One thing.. MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL ANY FASTPASSES YOU AREN’T USING. Let others book them if you know you aren’t going to make it.

Are there any other FastPass tips you want to pass on? Let us know in the comments below and the best ones will make their way into this guide!