Okay, I know we have said it before but this additional purchases pretty much seals the deal, Universal Orlando have to be working on an additional theme park.

New 2016 Universal Orlando Resort logo

The company just completed a purchase of an additional 101 acres of land worth $27.5 million. This, alongside the the land they purchased back in 2015 by the Orange County Convention Center means that if you combine the two plots of land, they now have an additional 576 acres, a larger space than any of the parks on Universal Orlando property.

While Universal haven’t revealed details on what they intend to do with the land, with new hotels already in the works, I am willing to bet that this is going to be the site of a brand new theme park.

When you consider the recent opening of Volcano Bay, it is pretty much guaranteed that any new park would be a more traditional theme park, possibly incorporating the Nintendo partnership that has already started to see fruition in Japan.