Join us for the 47th episode of the Theme Park Trader podcast.

We begin the podcast by saying goodbye to friend of the show Alan (@NORMNB8S) who sadly passed away over the Christmas break.

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This weeks news discussed includes:

Behind the Scenes at Pandora: World of Avatar

To kick off the news this week Dan and I discuss the awesome behind the scenes video that Disney released on Christmas Day of Pandora: World of Avatar.

Disney Parks Didn’t Hit Capacity Over Christmas

We chat through the surprising news that the Magic Kingdom did not hit capacity on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and chat through our reasons as to why that was.

View our detailed written details on this here.

Magic Kingdom Replaces Welcome Show

Dan and I chat through the welcome show being replaced at the Magic Kingdom and why we are disappointed to see it go. We discuss whats happening with the new show and the reasons as to why we think it is being replaced.

You can read more detail on the shows replacement here.

Blizzard Beach Closes Due to Cold Weather

The irony of it! We chat through how last week Blizzard beach had to close for the day due to cold weather and the impact such a closure has on the rest of the parks at Walt Disney World!

Busch Gardens Run for the Fund

In the final news story of this week, Dan and I chat through the recently announced run for the fund at Busch Gardens. Learn about what the run is in aid of, how much it costs to run and why you need to keep up a pace of 16 minutes per mile!

Our Most Anticipated Attractions for 2017

To end this weeks podcast, Dan and I chat through our most anticipated attraction that is set to open in 2017!

f you enjoyed this weeks podcast, have ideas for future shows or have any questions about any of the stories then feel free to leave us a comment below!