Universal Orlando has revealed our very first look at the upcoming Volcano Bay Water Park that is set to debut in 2017. You can check out an introductory video below before I take you through more of the specifics that Universal announced.

The park itself is going to span 28 acres and will be based on a tropical oasis inspired by the Pacific Isles. Universal are promising that they are going to eliminate the hassle for guests in this park and allowing them to have more fun (I thought this was the objective of all theme parks personally). In order to do this Universal are doing things spreading out dining options throughout the park so you don’t have to walk to the front. Again, this seems like more of a no brainer but there we go.

Onto the more exciting elements, Volcano Bay is going to have drop slides, white water rivers, lazy rivers, beaches and two-story private cabanas.

With all of this comes four themed areas all with different influences that range from Easter Island to Hawaii and even New Zealand. Check out some of what you will be able to find in each of these areas.

River Village

This area of the park is family friendly and offers lots of attractions and experiences.

Kopiko Wai Winding River

This is a gentle river that flows through the volcano’s caves and will feature water effects and a venture into what Universal are calling ‘the cave of starlight’.

Honu and Ika Moana

Multi passeranger raft rides one of which will go across a dual wall and the other across bubbling geysers.

Tot Tiki and Runamukka Reefs

Tot Tiki is a toddler play area with fountains, slides and a kid volcano. Runamukka is a three story water playground with twisting slides and sprinklers.


volcano bay water slide with krakatau volcano in the background

This land is the centre point of the park with the 200ft volcano, Krakatau. It would seem the volcano has a day/night cycle, during the day it will be showing off its waterfalls and at night, lava will be flowing from it.

In this area of the park there will be three body slides near the rear of the volcano with each starting out with surprise doors that drop out from below.

These slides are:

Ko’okiri Body Plunge

This slide involves a 70 degree drop that sends you 125 feet through the centre of the volcano and will be the worlds first slide to travel through a pool that is already filled with guests. Sounds pretty cool!

Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine

These body slides run intertwining of each other and will allow you to all freely along the slide which is 124 feet long.

Punga Racers

This involves manta shaped mats and a high speed race through four different enclosed slides.

Universal have also promised another attraction that is on the way for this area of the park though are keeping quiet for now only saying it will be like nothing else in the park. It has peaked my interest!

Wave Village

This area of the park is located at the base of Krakatau and according to Universal, is a great place to relax on the sandy shores. This area will include:

Waturi Beach

A muti-directional wave pool along with sandy beaches and private one and two story cabanas.

The Reef

A leisure pool which is also the pool that the Ko’okiri passes through allowing guests to point and laugh at guests riding the slide.

Rainforest Village

This area of the park sounds like it has been designed for the thrill seeker and has a number of cool sounding attractions that include:


A multi passenger saucer ride that sends guests seeing around curves. This is the first ‘saucer ride’ in North America which is pretty cool!


This multi passenger ride will take guests into complete darkness before going into a funnel and dropping zero gravity, sounds pretty impressive!

Toe the Fearless River

Universal are promising a racing river here where guests are going to have to hold onto their inner tubes tight ass they pass into whitewater rapids!

So while these aren’t the complete list of attractions that are going to be opening with Volcano Bay in 2017, I think you will agree the list is pretty incredible!

While I am not a huge fan of water parks, Volcano Bay sounds pretty impressive and I am keen to visit when it opens next year.

What are your thoughts on what has been revealed so far?