There’s a brand new, family-friendly spooky ride opening at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort this April, featuring Lord Vampyre and other LEGO monsters!

On April 13th Lord Vampyre will be joined by other LEGO characters including a ghost, Monster Rocker and gargoyles that like to crack a joke.

Already this is shaping up to be a great addition to the Resort but LEGOLAND haven’t stopped there. The Mansion will be full of surprising smells and delights that have been carefully selected by the creative team.

The lead creative, Rosie Brailsford, had this to say on why the team decided to add smells into the attraction:

When designing The Haunted House Monster Party, our ambition was to create a ride that tantalised all of the senses. Smells have a huge impact on how we take in our surroundings and we didn’t just want them to see, feel and hear the haunted house – but smell it too!

For instance, walking down the hallway of the House will smell like a musty hallway, whereas walking into the banquet hall will be a combination of cotton candy, cookies, bubble-gum and sweets!

On selecting the smells, Rosie had this to say:

It’s a lot of nose work to pick the right smells! We receive a range of samples that we ‘smell test’, before deciding which one we ultimately think will bring the ride to life. We tested a whole host of different scents; from pina colada, waffle cone, chocolate chip cookies, bubble-gum and cake mixture to earth, oily machinery and musty hallway!

We can’t wait to see and smell what The Haunted House Monster Party brings to LEGOLAND Windsor when it opens on April 13th!