There has a been a lot of speculation in recent weeks that Universal Orlando are getting ready to buy a huge chunk of land (450 acres to be precise) near to Universal Boulevard. Considering Universal Orlando in total is around 840 acres now, this would boast a huge expansion that could certainly lead to another theme park.

Though of course everything right now should be taken with a pinch of salt, it would make a to of sense for Universal to expand right now. Attractions are being added to the park at an alarming rate with Jimmy Fallon, Kong and Fast & Furious all coming to the parks in the next couple of years. If this land purchase does go ahead it wouldn’t make sense to use it all for hotel space and shopping so a park has to be one of the things on the cards.

What would go into this new park?

Well, let’s not forget that Universal have struck a deal with Nintendo and it is certainly within the realms of possibility that Nintendo would play a huge role in this new rumoured theme park. Other video game properties should also be considered as a strong rumour and these include the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear Solid, Pacman and Warcraft (okay not strictly a video game).

As a huge gamer myself I would welcome a gaming theme park and it would give Disney further competition in the Orlando area. While I am a Disney fan through and through, more competition will only encourage bigger and better attractions at both resorts.