Disneyland is to receive a temporary quick service Beauty and the Beast restaurant (think Be Our Guest at lunch), to celebrate the launch of the new live action movie starring Emma Watson.

The overlay is set to transform the Village Haus Restaurant into the Red Rose Taverne where each area will tell a different chapter from the Beauty and the Beast story. Disney are adding draped curtains and themed murals to help tell this story.

Village Haus Restaurant at Disneyland

In addition to this, the menu will be updated to reflect the new French theme with signature beverages and food including the famous Grey Stuff from Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom!

Maurice’s Treats is also getting an update with additional dipping sauces that include a Grey Stuff dipping sauce!

Gaston is also returning to Fantasyland and new merchandise will be released alongside all of this.

It is great to see Disney celebrating the launch of the movie in Disneyland and despite the overlay of Village Haus being temporary, it will be interesting to see how the  Red Rose Taverne menu compares to quick service lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant.

No word yet on what this overlay is set to happen but you can bet its going to be just before the March release of the live action movie.

I will be sure to post an update when the full menu becomes available.

If you looking forward to trying the Grey Stuff at Disneyland let us know in the comments below!