It’s that time of year again folks, Disney are increasing prices of tickets to get into their theme parks…

Let’s begin with looking at the Walt Disney World increases:

Walt Disney World February 2017 Ticket Price Increases

Price of a low crowd day at the Magic Kingdom has risen from $105 to $107, averages crowds has risen by $5 from $110 to $115 and the peak day has remained the same at $124.

Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have also seen similar price rises.

Tickets for a quiet day in the parks have risen from $97 to $99, an average day has risen from $102 to $107 and a peak day gone up from $114 to $119.

Annual passes for Walt Disney World also see an increase today with Gold resident passes increasing by $10 to $559 and Platinum passes pushing $679 which is an additional $30.

Disneyland February 2017 Ticket Price Increases

Disneyland Resort also see increases, one day tickets have risen to $97 for quieter days, $110 for average days and $124 for peak days. This is an increase of $2 for the quieter period and $5 for the other two, busier periods.

Annual passes also seen an increase. SoCal Select and SoCal have risen $10 to $339 and $469. Deluxe Annual Passes have also risen by $20 and are now $619.

As much as I completely disagree with these price increases at the parks, at least it isn’t too bad though I would expect to see further increases later in the year.