Despite all then negativity online with many people posting pictures of empty preferred parking spaces at the four main parks at Walt Disney World it would seem that Disney has seen the test as successful and will now be rolling it out at both water parks as part of an extended test.


Normal parking remains free at Disney’s water parks but for $15 you will soon be able to park closer to the entrance to the park. On top of this, Disney are throwing in a free bottle of water for every guest who chooses to pay for the preferred parking at the water parks.

Does this mean Disney could end up losing money on this if you have a 7 seater and each guest gets a $2.50-$3 bottle of water?

Regardless, this extended trial kicks off on June 5 at Blizzard Beach and then on June 19 at Typhoon Lagoon, will you be paying $15 to park that little bit closer to the parks?