It looks like those rumours we reported on Wreck-It Ralph replacing Stitch’s Great Escape are getting very close to becoming a reality with the announcement that the attraction will become a seasonal one from October 2nd.


Essentially this means that the attraction will only open when the Magic Kingdom is really busy and it looks like Disney has plans to reopen again for two specific periods:

  • November 19th-26th 2016
  • December 17th 2016 to January 2nd  2017

While some of you might not see that has hugely signifiant, Disney very rarely makes its attractions seasonal and is usually a telltale sign that the attraction is on its last few months before closure.

As mentioned in our previous post, Stitch’s Great Escape is not regarded as a fan favourite and I can’t think of anyone out there that would be up in arms about it being replaced in the future.