A brand new Star Wars interactive augmented reality game is coming to Disney Parks (Walt Disney World and Disneyland) starting August 15th and is based on the hit TV show, Star Wars Rebels.

I will get into the pricing later but here’s what the game comes packaged with:

  • Star Wars Rebel Journal
  • Imperial Security Cap
  • Kanan’s Lightsaber
  • Wayfinder set and Mission Briefing
  • Holocron
  • Rebel Data Card Lanyard
  • Set of Rebel Diversion Tatoos
  • Medal of bravery with box and fabric wrap
  • Imperial Rank Bar
  • Rebel utility blanket
  • 4 Empire recruitment posters
  • Empire door banner

The Interactive Adventure starts in your resort hotel room and takes guests to the Star Tours attraction. Guests are tasked with going undercover as an Imperial Security Officer (hence all the Imperial equipment above) and given a mission to transmit information to the rebels at Star Tours. Ezra (seen below) from Star Wars Rebels leads the mission and the technology installed on the phone can be used from home once the experience has been completed.


Once the mission has been completed the Medal of Bravery is awarded and the lanyard can be personalised upon request.

Star Wars Rebels Interactive Game equipment

This game sounds awesome and (even though I am 25) was tempted to play this when at Walt Disney World in October, until I saw the price.

The price for the game and the equipment and experience that comes with it, a whopping $499.99!

As much as I would like to try out this experience, I don’t think my budget quite stretches that far, will you be trying it out at this price?