In order to really bring guests into the Pandora – The World of Avatar, Disney are going to be selling Na’vi Translator devices at store Windtraders.

Purchasing the device will allow for guests to learn how to pronounce 90 Na’vi words using different, interchangeable translation cards.

Better yet, the device will light up at night which means you will be able to use it around Pandora, well into the evening.

Though up to 90 cards are available, the initial starter pack that includes the device comes with just 15 translation cards. To be able to collect the remaining cards guests will need to buy separate translation packs. Each pack will contain eight randomly selected cards and grouped by:

Common cards

  • Nouns – Blue
  • Adjectives – Purple

Less common cards

  • Animals – Orange
  • Phrases – Aqua
  • Landscapes – Tan

Rarest cards

  • Plants – Green
  • Gear – Yellow

Both the translator and the cards will be available on May 27th when Pandora – The World of Avatar opens.