Beginning July 10, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party will be moving from outside of the Center Stage to the Star Wars Launch Bay area. A number of reasons are likely to be behind this move:

  • It can get super hot and humid during the summer months
  • Disney kept having to move it inside when it rained
  • It frees up space around the stage

Guests will need to check in by the entrance to Star Wars Launch Bay and can enjoy the food, drink and activities that occur by the Star Wars exhibits. Just before the show starts (around 15 before) guests will be taken out to the VIP viewing area just in front of the Great Movie Ride.

This should free up a bit of space with the removal of the tables however the current party will happen in its current format until July 10.

party will continue to be held in the Center Stage area until July 10th.

A reminder of the cost of this dessert party, $69 for adults and $29 for children!