While not officially confirmed by Disney yet, the much rumoured Muppets Restaurant set to replace Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios seems to be going ahead with internal documents and permits filed by Disney pointing towards it being called Pizza Rizzo, named obviously after Rizzo The Rat.

While at first it sounds incredibly odd to name a food restaurant after a rat, don’t forget that in the movie The Muppets Take Manhattan it is Rizzo’s family who actually work in the food service business so perhaps this restaurant will be a homage to the movie.

One thing’s for sure, the food can’t be as bad as the poor quality Pizzas that Pizza Planet offered before and despite rumours seemingly suggesting that this will indeed remain as a pizza restaurant, the menu will certainly be revamped before it opens later in 2016.

Of course the menu changes means the interior will completely change too and if this rumour is indeed true which I strongly believe it is, we could see a fanatically themed Muppets counter service restaurant if Disney get this right. I have always loved The Muppets so cannot wait to see what Disney do with this one.

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