Disney has today announced that the Frozen Games will be starting on May 27 and will run until August 21 at Disney’s Blizzard Beach!

Olaf and Kristoff will be splitting into two teams to run the event and will be appearing at the top of the Observation Deck round by Summit Plummet to open and close the ceremonies on a daily basis. They will also be giving updates on their teams progress during the day.

Frozen Summer Games at Disney's Blizzard Beach 2016 with Olaf and Kristoff

So what games are going to be present at the Frozen Games?

  • Ice Pail Relay – teams lineup to pass buckets of water down the line to try and fill a container at the end. The first team to do so wins the round
  • Ski Pole Limbo – Limbo but with a ski pole as the limbo bar, the team who can limbo lowest wins
  • Snowball Toss – Pairs compete in a snow themed balloon toss
  • Slide Races – Teams will race for the quickest time down one of the water slides at Blizzard Beach

While I am not usually a fan of just how much Disney have put Frozen into the parks, this sounds like a lot of fun and actually fits into Blizzard Beach.

The Frozen Games is an all day event meaning that there is potential for the water park to become less of a half day thing and more of a full day event to get involved with and see how your team performs.

Guests can sign up to the Frozen Games when they arrive in the park and all activities are included with regular admission to the park!

Let us know if you will be taking part in the comments below.