Now that Streets of America has officially closed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Disney have been very quick to get guests attending the park (who also may not have heard about the closures) excited about whats to come in the old Streets of America area.

Located just after exiting the Toy Story Mania attraction and outside the old Studio Backlot Tour entrance, guests can now get a sneak peak of whats to come:

Toy Story Land concept art at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Photo credit: Inside The Magic

Those of you that have seen this piece of concept art before may notice some subtle differences between this version and the one released last year at D23.

If you look closely  you will notice that Disney has taken away some of the detail that they showcased on the Slinky Coaster last year. The rock work has disappeared and a lot less detail has been shown off. It is unclear at this stage whether Disney has just tweaked the design slightly or whether we have a classic Disney example of concept art looking nothing like the final version of the attraction.

Either way, I am very excited for Toy Story Land and it is great to see Disney showcasing the concept art in the park.