Those of you that are constantly in the parks or keep updated with all of the latest news will know that Pirates of the Caribbean has been closed for quite some time, since May this year in fact! Disney promised some significant changes to the attraction and now that it is open again, what exactly has changed?

I am pleased to say that even veteran Magic Kingdom goers will be pleased with the amount of changes that Disney has made to the attraction. While I am sure this list isn’t full (who knows on all the small things Disney have changed!) this is the full list of what I am seeing so far:

  • New lighting has been added throughout the attraction
  • Additional special effects have been added to the attraction
  • Smells have all been improved upon to really make you feel like you are sailing through the seas at the height of pirating
  • Audio animatronics have received costume changes including changes to:
    • Jack Sparrow
    • Captain Barbossa
    • The Redhead

Of course on top of this Disney would have performed the standard lengthy maintenance that one should expect from any water based attraction that is as old as Pirates of the Caribbean. The new additions to the attraction sound fantastic and I can’t wait to see and smell them for myself!

Let us know in the comments what you think of the updates when you next get to ride Pirates of the Caribbean!