Back in October last year I reported that Derren Brown was bringing a “revolutionary” new attraction to Thorpe Park in the UK and as March and the opening of the attraction draws closer, Thorpe Park have released an extensive trailer explaining the attraction in a bit more detail:

Brown is still boasting that this attraction will reinvent not only the concept of the ghost train  but also rewrite the rules of theme park attractions themselves. Derren even goes as far as saying that he believes this attraction will represent the future for theme parks across the world.

While the attraction does sound good, these are some pretty bold claims and I am dubious that it will completely reinvent theme park attractions as we know it.

I will be happily proved wrong and considering Thorpe Park is just a couple of hours away I will likely go and check out this attraction in the Summer, unless we get an invite to attend the opening!

At 13 minutes long this attraction has a lot of hype around it so lets hope it can deliver when it opens in March.