For months Disney’s policy on Selfie sticks in the parks has not been an obvious one. Now I am all for a great selfie, but there is a time and a place to take one and it would seem that Disney has finally made their point clear on the matter.

So when can and can’t you get your selfie stick out when in a Disney theme park?

Well, Disney has no problem with people taking selfies so long as it doesn’t happen when riding an attraction; it really is a simple as that.

For months Disney have told cast members to remind guests of that policy but it would seem that this alone wasn’t working. It is frustrating but some people either ignore cast members or simply do not understand what they are saying (if English isn’t a first language).

In order to help combat this issue Disney have started putting up signs on attractions where this has become a problem.

No selfie sticks sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was the first attraction to receive this sign, reportedly one of the biggest attractions that needs to be continually stopped for people that take selfies using the sticks.

Similar signs seem to have been posted at Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland in California. How anyone could take a picture worth keeping on Space Mountain is beyond me in the first place!

The fact of the matter is, it isn’t safe to try and take a selfie when on an attraction and Disney has to completely stop the ride when this happens.

Not only does this cause issues for Disney as it causes less people to be allowed on within the hour, it also causes problems for everyone currently on the attraction and breaks away from the experience that Disney wants their guests to have.

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