While this will be new to most guests, the Manatee Rehabilitation area was actually previously open as a part of a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld Orlando. In order to continue to drive the message home that SeaWorld are all about animal care and rehabilitation this area has now been opened up to the public and anyone can now access as part of a normal ticket.

So What Can You See in the Manatee Rehabilitation area?

This area is focussed on treating manatees that have been injured out in the wild and focuses on getting them better with the aim of returning them back into their natural habitat.  J.P. Peterson who is supervisor of animal care at SeaWorld said:

You can watch us medically treat the animals. You can see us tube feed. You can get up-close to an animal that maybe came in yesterday, that’s in a critical state.

The entrance to the rehabilitation section is located right next to the Turtle Trek attraction and while some of you may know the area already as a location where you can view manatees, there is now an open medical facility with injured animals receive treatment. It is here where you will find two pools, one of which is for medical care and the other a holding pool for recovering manatees.

Park educators will also be on hand to answer any questions guests have about a particular manatee and why they are there.

I love going to see the manatees both at SeaWorld and The Seas at Epcot in Walt Disney World and think this is a really positive move by SeaWorld to help educate guests further about manatees. I do hope however that just piling people into an area where treatment is occurring isnt going to cause the animals any additional stress though I am sure SeaWorld have already thought that one through.