I really hope that Toy Story and Star Wars are going to be worth all these closures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Disney has just announced further closures are coming to the park.

Again, none of these are a total surprise to me as they are all in the general vicinity of Streets of America. The list of closures that will be gone forever on April 3 are:

  • The Prop Shop
  • The Writers Stop
  • Watto’s Grotto

The Writers Stop exterior at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Photo credit: Disney Food Blog

The real shame is to see The Writers Stop close, this was a fantastic place to grab a quiet coffee and cake in the morning at the park, out of the way of Starbucks and the perfect place to grab a book and just relax for 10 minutes.

Watto’s Grotto is no doubt going to be replaced by several far larger Star Wars stores when Star Wars Land opens.

What are your thoughts on these closures?