On last nights Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he announced that a brand new attraction would be coming to Universal Orlando:

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

That’s right, Race through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is set to debut in 2017 and will replace the long standing Twister attraction at the park which is due to close on November 2 of this year.

Here is Jimmy himself announcing the attraction on the show:

Now obviously take everything that Jimmy has to say about the attraction with a pinch of salt at this stage but it does sound that the ride is going to feature:

  • 3D/4D effects
  • A chase/race sequence through New York
  • The Tonight Show Studio
  • Celebrity appearances

As described by Jimmy Fallon in the above video I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a lot like Spider-Man, Transformers and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in the way the ride was structured.

The Universal Blog elaborated on some of this a little bit:

Soon, you will get the full Tonight Show experience as you make your way to the fabled Studio 6B for a very special taping in which Jimmy challenges his studio audience to the ultimate race through the greatest city on earth.

You’ll rocket through the streets—and skies—of New York City, from the deepest subway tunnels to the tallest skyscrapers, encountering colorful characters, famous landmarks and anything else that comes to Jimmy’s mind—and “that is some weird, wild stuff,” to quote an iconic previous host.

Now although I can’t watch the Tonight Show, what with being based in the UK, I am a huge fan of the YouTube channel and what the show stands for and I think this is a positive and exciting change for the Universal Studios Orlando Park. In my opinion the closure of Twister has been long overdue and it will be great to see something new in its place.

The only downside I can see to this attraction is that it may get very old very quickly, Jimmy Fallon is unlikely to be hosting The Tonight Show for the entire duration that the attraction will be open for and on the off chance that he does, celebrities featured will very quickly feel dated.

What do you think of a Jimmy Fallon themed attraction at the park, were you hoping for something different to replace Twister? I would love to hear your comments on this below!