Beginning January 9th Disney are changing the opening of the Magic Kingdom to incorporate a brand new show that will invite guests inside the park over waiting outside Main Street Station.

The new “opening moment” show will move to the Castle Forecourt stage where guests can then move into their land of choice once the park has officially opened. The show will include a Royal Herald appearing on stage to deliver a proclamation before bringing Disney characters onto the stage.

So what does this mean for park guests?

Even Earlier Breakfast

Disney has said that because guests will be allowed into Main Street USA before official opening, select locations such as the Main Street Bakery (serving Starbucks) and other Main Street shopping locations will be open for early breakfast opportunities and shopping.

Of course this does mean that anybody who enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Main Street Bakery (like me) is likely going to face much longer lines for coffee in the morning.

No Crowds at Entrance to Park

In theory, this new welcome show will result in less crowding in the morning as people are already in Main Street and getting ready to split out into groups, depending on which land is first on the list.

If the rumours on Disney increasing security at the parks are true, this will help Disney in getting people inside the park, perhaps even making room for the additional security needed.

Longer Lines at the Start of the Day

Because everyone is now going to be inside the park for opening rather than just outside, getting to the park just after opening is going to result in waiting longer for attractions. This is because everybody will simply be waiting by the entrance to the land they wish to go in first.

Impact on Main Street Vehicles

With the Main Street Vehicles usually only running first thing in the morning, it is unclear whether Disney will simply choose to only run these on occasion. Here’s hoping that Disney simply start running these earlier rather than not at all.

The Worst Part…

For me, the worst part of all of this is that we are seeing a fantastic opening ceremony come to an end at the Magic Kingdom. There are some that are saying that this is just a temporary arrangement but until Disney say otherwise, consider this permanent. Disney will be hard pressed to create an opening ceremony as good as the existing one at Magic Kingdom.

This is an end of an era for sure, what are your thoughts on this new way to start the day at the Magic Kingdom park?