Disney have only today just released details of the Frozen attraction that is set to open in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot in 2016.

The attraction, now officially called Frozen Ever After will take guests through the kingdom of Arendelle where they will encounter moments and music from the film. Disney has promised to deliver on the fantastic storytelling they are known for in order to make guests feel like they have stepped into the world from the movie.

Frozen Ever After concept art


Image credit: Disney

Locations promised in this new attraction include:

  • Elsa’s Ice Palace
  • The North Mountain
  • The Bay of Arendelle
  • Arendelle Kingdom

Some of the favourite characters from the movie have been promised along with the inclusion of the Snowgies from Frozen Fever so expect to see the likes of Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and of course Anna & Elsa.

Other strong rumours suggest:

  • The ride will be around 4 minutes in length
  • The ride will feature an animatronic scene featuring Olaf

Disney have also promised a setting for guests to meet Elsa and Anna.

The Norway Pavilion Controversy

Although Disney have stated that the Norway Pavilion exterior is set to expand to feature unique Norwegian architectural features, it would seem that the decision to close Maelstrom in favour of this new Frozen Ever After attraction is still causing a lot of negativity from both hardcore Walt Disney World fans and fans of World Showcase alike.

The argument is simply that World Showcase was always supposed to be a celebration of what makes each country great and a means in which to help educate guests about different countries of the world. With the closure of Maelstrom and the opening of Frozen Ever After, many people are concerned that this original vision will no longer be the case in the Norway Pavilion. In fact, just one look at the comments of Disney’s announcement of Frozen Ever After will show just how much of a sore subject the matter still is.

I am very much on the fence in regards to this, Epcot has always been my favourite Walt Disney World park, largely because of the technology and educational elements of it. However, things have to change in order for Disney to stay relevant and so long as some Norwegian history and learnings can be taken from the expansion of the pavilion, I am all for it. At the very least, the concept art looks as if Disney have kept the original boats from Maelstrom!

So what do you think of Frozen Ever After?