Though it would seem that these patents point towards yet another screen based attraction at Universal Orlando, this could be the beginning of a Mario Kart ride at the parks!

The key difference between this proposed attraction and other screen based attractions at the park is that this seems to involve forward movement through a series of tunnels (Mario Kart anyone). Other screen based attractions at the park tend to all work to one screen, this appears to be multiple and much more sophisticated.

You can check out some of the visuals below:

As you can see, though these visuals do look like they could form the basis of a Mario Kart attraction, it could still be related to the upcoming Fast & Furious ride that is coming in 2018.

My hope is of course that this is the beginnings of a Mario Kart attraction, especially in that this is the key attraction I am hoping Universal will be revealing for the Nintendo themed area coming to Universal Orlando.