All the rumours flying around about the Star Wars expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were true, it turns out the expansion rumours around Pixar increasing presence was also true and comes in the form of Toy Story Land!

Disney have stated that the new land will give guests the feeling of being shrunk to the size of a Toy and will give them the ability to explore Andy’s backyard.

The new land is also set to introduce two new attractions as well as the planned expansion to Toy Story Midway Mania.

Family Friendly Slinky Coaster

Not much as been revealed about this attraction as of yet, simply that guests will board the back of Slinky and that the rollercoaster will be fun for the entire family.

We do also have this concept rot go on:

Slinky family friendly rollercoaster Toy Story Land concept art

Alien Saucers

The other new attraction will be one set on everyones favourite green Aliens and will send guests round in a spin as they ride in their very own saucer. Of course with the Aliens comes the claw, something Disney have stated will play a part in this new attraction.

Toy Story Mania

The third and final attraction is already a fan favourite and Disney have stated that the planned expansion will take guestswill expand with more midway track that takes guests into the world under Andy’s bed where he’s built a carnival-style midway.

No details have been revealed in regards to whether or not we can expect to see Toy Story themed restaurants or even food and beverage options but expect to see more announcements in the future.

Although I am a little disappointed that we aren’t seeing anything a bit more adult focussed as part of this new expansion, a Toy Story Land sounds incredible and I cannot wait to experience it when it opens at some point in the future (no official date has been given by Disney as of yet).

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Toy Story Land announcement!