Now while I don’t have any allergies that I am aware of, I do have Type 1 Diabetes and whereas now I am on insulin that allows me to be a lot more flexible with what I eat and drink, this wasn’t always the case.

Back when the Animal Kingdom Lodge first opened and I had only had the disease for around a year or so, travelling from the UK to Florida was a big concern for both myself and my parents. Disney couldn’t have been more helpful in accommodating my requirements. Our first breakfast at Boma we enquired as to what items of the buffet I could eat only to be shortly greeted by the Head Chef who not only proceeded to make a variety of sugar free cakes and muffins but gave us his card and told us to call him any time if we needed any assistance.

My point here is that if you have any allergy, any disease that requires a different diet, simply stating the allergy/problem will make your life a lot easier will allow you to enjoy your vacation a lot more.

Disney and Mylan Partnership

To make things even easier for families heading to the Disney Parks who have guests with allergies, Disney have teamed up with the makers of EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors, Mylan and have created an online resource site to assist with the vacation. offers a lot of information for guests with allergies and includes:

  • Frequently asked questions asked by parents that have children with allergies – aimed at those who have only recently been diagnosed
  • A page that contains some fantastic allergen-free recipes
  • Information for families that are travelling to Disney theme parks including links off to relevant parts of both WDW and Disneyland websites
  • Interactive activities that families can do together

Disney are also raising awareness of the fact that Mylan EpiPens are available at First Aid Stations across all of the Disney Parks, guests simply need to look for the EpiPen logo on the map.

I think this is a fantastic initiative by Disney and as I said earlier, if you arrive in any of the Disney Parks and are still a bit stuck, just ask, cast members are always happy to help!