With Rivers of Light set to debut on February 17th Disney has finally begun communicating what time the show will begin and indeed how many times in a week the show is set to run.

Rivers of Light concept art

You can check out timings for the first 3 months of operation below:

February Rivers of Light Show Times

Debut night on February 17th, the show kicks off at 7:15pm. Then throughout February the show is put on roughly once every other day at the same time.

March Rivers of Light Show Times

As the sun begins to stay up for longer, the show is pushed back to 8:45pm in March. Disney however still continue the trend in running shows every other day rather than daily.

April Rivers of Light Show Times

In April Disney begins to introduce two shows per night at 8:45pm and 9:45pm as crowds begin to increase over Spring/Easter breaks. Keep in mind that early April there is still not a show every night, daily shows kick off from Saturday 8th April with two performances on select nights.

May & June Rivers of Light Show Times

May & June currently have a single Rivers of Light show nightly but at a time of 9:15pm.

keep in mind that these times are not set in stone, Disney can change performances at any point, I suspect we may see an increase in performances as the Summer crowds begin pouring into the park.

Are you excited for Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?