With all of the Star Wars, Marvel, Toy Story and AVATAR news coming out if D23, a lot of people have quietly pushed aside that one of the biggest attractions of both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is getting an upgrade next year!

Opening in 2001 in Disney California Adventure and in 2005 in Epcot, Soarin’ Over California (known as Soarin’) has long been a fan favourite. While I have never been on the original in California, I have been on the Epcot version countless times and the attraction is still incredible the first or 100th time it is ridden.

Soar Further Than Ever Before In 2016

Disney announced this past weekend at D23 that beginning at some point next year, Soarin will not simply be stopping at California and that the new flight will take riders around the world when Soarin Over California officially becomes Soarin Around The World.

Disney recently stated that the new attraction would have updated digital screens and projection systems, hopefully this will rid the attraction of the annoying dust specs that pop up on the screen and can sometimes spoil the attraction.

Disney have given a short preview of what to expect as well as showing off how the new film is being made:

Although no official release date has been given, a lot of people are saying Spring 2016, I will update you all as soon as I have heard anything concrete on that.

Are you looking forward to a new version of Soarin? Let us know in the comments!