Disney have just announced that Captain EO will have its final showing on December 6 to make way for a brand new Pixar experience.

Captain EO has long since come under fire from regular park goers who felt that the experience had long since been overdue permanent replacement after making its way back to Epcot after the death of Michael Jackson. While the experience has been replaced by several movie previews over the last year or so, it has always made its way back to the park.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

Disney have stated that the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival will let guests experience some of the favourite animated shorts in 3D complete with 4D theater effects that the theater is well known for.

The Festival will also include a look into the visionary minds behind some of the most iconic animated films of today.

The new animation Festival is a permanent replacement for Captain EO and it will be the last time we see the classic show at the park.

While I will admit to being a fan of Captain EO, I will also admit it is time for a change and I am all for s brand new experience at my favourite park at Walt Disney World.

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