The second in the series of videos that explores the work that has gone into Pandora – The World of Avatar has been released!

In this episode Imagineer Joe Rhode and the team explore the relationship between Pandora and Earth.

While the video does explore details of the new land that we haven’t seen before, the video itself is really interesting and shows how Disney are trying to convey messages like conservation through the adventures that guests will have in Pandora.

The video also showcases how Disney explored cultures around the world to replicate how the Na’vi items throughout Pandora are made.

As an example, weaving is something that is embedded into the Na’vi culture so Disney looked at places like Indonesia and Sumatra for inspiration. This allowed Disney to create props that look true to the franchise rather than something that simply looked like they had been created in a scenic shop.

A reminder, Pandora – The World of Avatar opens on May 27th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.