Since opening back in June it has been impossible for anyone local to visit the parks on a regular basis without having to purchase a one or two day pass each time they visit.

All of this is about to change with the introduction of a seasonal pass. Keep in mind this is not the traditional annual pass seen in other Disney Parks and comes with quite a few caveats.

Available for One Day Only

The first caveat is a fairly big one, seasonal passes will be available to order online for one day only on November 11th.

Known as Singles Day in China, the most popular day for online shopping in the world. Tickets can be purchased from the official Shanghai site ( and although tickets won’t go through until the 11th, deposits can already be placed.

There are Three Tiers

In order to make things more confusing (at least for anyone not familiar with the culture), there are three tiers to the pricing of this seasonal pass. I have costed these out at a rough dollar rate to make things a bit easier.

All Day Pass

At a cost of around $164, this will allow guests into the park on any day of the week apart from January 28th to February 2nd 2017,

Weekday Pass

At a cost of around $120, this will allow guests into the park on any weekday and excludes public holidays that fall on a weekday.

Sunday Pass

This one is fairly self-explanatory, will allow guests into the park on any Sunday apart from January 29th and will cost around $105.

This Isn’t an Annual Pass

The reason why this is being called a seasonal pass is simple, it doesn’t last a year. This seasonal pass (no matter which of the tiers purchased), will run from November 12th 2016 to March 31st 2017.

While it will come as a big disappointment to many in that there is no annual pass as of yet, this is a good start and considering the price and number of times you intend to visit, I think this is a pretty good deal. It is safe to say that the more people that take Disney up on this offer, the more likely it is for them to consider a full annual pass in the future.

Will you be considering a seasonal pass for Shanghai Disneyland?