Disney are closing one of Animal Kingdom’s most popular attractions for much of the busy period this summer. Dinosaur will be closing on July 25th and will not be reopening again until September 30.

While it is unusual for Disney to close such a large attraction over two of the busiest months of the year, it is time for refurbishment of the attraction. For a ride that has such a large amount of moving animatronics it is crucial that everything is working all of the time. Just last year when I was riding the main Carnotaurus animatronic was covered up due to it not working and the back-up one on the left that doesn’t move was being used (in fairness to Disney this was fixed fairly quickly.

Though it is a shame to see attractions like this close in the Summer months, it is necessary to ensure attractions are kept up to the right standard that guests expect.

In a selfish way, I am happy with this as it is one of my favourite attractions and I am heading to Walt Disney World on October 1st!

Let us know in the comments below if this closure impacts your trip and whether or not this is one of your favourite attractions!