The Orlando Sentinel has today revealed plans that state that Universal are planning to build a brand new hotel on the 50 acres previously taken up by Wet ‘n’ Wild.

Though Universal have yet to formally announce anything, it looks like we will see an additional 4,000 rooms added to Universal Orlando property.

You will see from the proposed blueprint that the hotel is split into two by Universal Blvd:

It is very unlikely that Universal will change up the format of the busy road, I suspect this new hotel will be split into at least two parts, perhaps something like how All Stars is split at Walt Disney World (Music, Sports, Movies).

The blueprints also allude to three parking structures so it is entirely possible the hotel may be split into three. Perhaps we will also see additional restaurants and shopping outlets.

This new hotel should take Universal up to around the 10,000 room mark, something that Comcast announced they were aiming for in 2013.

If I am honest I am a little disappointed we aren’t seeing something a little bit more exciting than a new hotel, still all of this is yet to be confirmed by Universal and there is no doubt that the hotel would fill.

What are your thoughts on a 7th (and possibly 8th/9th) hotel coming to Universal Orlando?