Just the other day I spoke about how the Skipper Canteen was due to be opening later this month to park guests and it would seem that as of yesterday Disney have begun the soft opening of the restaurant.

Soft opening effectively means that Disney are giving cast members a crack at the restaurant and there is potential for them to stop serving at any time during the day. The rumour for final opening of the Canteen is tomorrow so keep your eye out for that.

Although the prices are expensive (did you expect anything different at a theme park?) the full menu has been released and is fairly ambitious for a Disney park:

Appetizers at Skipper Canteen

  • Arepas – $9.50
  • Fish collar – $11
  • Baladi salad – $9
  • Falls Family Falafel – $8
  • Hot and Sour soup – $7.50
  • E.A. Shu Mai – $10

Entrées at Skipper Canteen

  • Pho (rice noodle bowls), with duck $23, chicken $22, or tofu $20
  • Grilled lamb chops – $25
  • Char Siu pork – $23
  • Curried vegetable stew – $17
  • Steak salad – $18
  • Skip’s Mac and Cheese (with ground beef and Bechamel) – $19
  • Head-on Shrimp in chili-garlic sauce – $25
  • Dr. Falls Grilled Steak (strip loin) – $34
  • Tastes Like Chicken – Because It Is! – $23

Desserts at Skipper Canteen

  • Coconut Bar with Pineapple-Basil Compote and Vanilla Cream – $8
  • Bertha’s Bahn Bong Lan Cake with Mango-Lime Sorbet – $8
  • Sugar-Coated Congee Pudding – $8
  • Kungaloosh! (Chocolate cake with caramelized bananas with cashew-caramel ice cream) – $8

Disney are also offering a signature drink called the Schweitzer Slush (pictured below). Don’t get too excited though because not only is it very similar to LeFou’s brew with the addition of Boba Balls, it comes priced at $14.50 if you want the souvenir mug!

Schweitzer Slush at the Skipper Canteen

I think the menu sounds awesome and I will certainly be trying to get a table here when I am next at the parks, what do you think of the Skipper Canteen menu?