Walt Disney World are offering refillable popcorn to guests for a limited time over the summer months. From June 26 (tomorrow) and September 01 you can purchase a bucket of popcorn and then get unlimited refills across all of WDW including the four main parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports and Disney Springs.

The souvenir bucket and your first load of popcorn comes at a cost of $10 and then further refills come at a cost of $1.50. Refillable buckets can be filled up again at any location that sells freshly popped popcorn throughout Walt Disney World.

This sounds like a fantastic initiative for families who can consume a lot of popcorn but I am not sure it is worth it unless of course you can refill through your entire trip.

I like Disney’s thinking here though, its a good idea, will you be taking advantage of this over the summer?