That’s right everyone, Universal are closing Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure at the end of today.

Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure

Opening originally in 1999 as Dueling Dragons before the Harry Potter overlay changed the name in 2010, the attraction has been in operation for almost 20 years!

Though most guests (including us here at Theme Park Trader) loved the original concept of the attraction, when Universal stopped the dueling element of the attraction it just wasn’t as thrilling!

Though we don’t have many details on the new replacement to this attraction, we do know it is going to be a Harry Potter themed coaster that will take guests deeper into the world of Harry Potter. A number of characters and creatures from the franchise with a new level of storytelling are set to feature within the new ride.

Goodbye Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) its been a good run but we are excited to see whats coming next!