This week we have another limited edition pin for you, one that celebrates the 80th anniversary of the 1933 Three Little Pigs Silly Symphony cartoon.

Three Little Pigs 80th Anniversary Pin

  • Edition size – 1,000
  • Original price $12.95
  • Original release – 9th May 2013

This pin was released slightly ahead of the official 80th anniversary of the Three Little Pigs short (the actual anniversary is 27th May) and released at both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort.

The pin shows Fifer Pig playing the flute alongside Practical Pig and Fiddler Pig playing fiddles. You might think the addition of the brick wall makes them safe but as you will see from the images below, The Big Bad Wolf is on a slider which is a nice touch to the pin.

You can view the full cartoon below alongside some more detailed images of the pin:

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