Opinion piece on Star Wars at Disneyland Paris from Emily at Hollywood and Lime.


Since 2010, Star Wars Land at Disneyland Paris has been at the forefront of every rumour. However, with the introduction of the “Season of The Force” (14th January 2017- 26th March 2017) it is possible that Star Wars featuring prominently in the parks will become a reality.

With the opening of the eagerly awaited Star Tours: Return To Endor attraction in March 2017, a rumoured ‘Cantina style’ restaurant, and rumoured Space Mountain Overlay, it suggests that Discoveryland is slowly progressing and changing into Star Wars Land. Yes, the back half of the land is often desolate, quiet and unused, so really it would be good to change the wasted area into something better. It is just that I am unsure how I and many other Disneyland Paris fans would take to a new area on the Disneyland Paris map.

Despite my initial fears of an increase of Star Wars into Disneyland Park, the “Season of The Force” appears to feature largely in the Walt Disney Studios. With projection mapping of Darth Vadar and Star Wars Logo appearing on the side of the Tower of Terror, it is likely that a new projection show will feature there. Despite the Tower of Terror or the Studios currently featuring no theming for Star Wars it is likely that it will work perfectly, rather than trying to change the ambience and stylisation of Discoveryland. Additionally, with the confirmation of Star Wars Mini Shows featuring within Production Courtyard in Walt Disney Studios, it may finally bring atmosphere to a very quiet and somewhat desolate park. With the introduction of a light projection and special effects show confirmed, does this mean changes will be coming for the Disneyland Park?

Within the Disneyland Park, Discoveryland may feature changes towards a Star Wars theme, as previously mentioned, with a Space Mountain overlay. This information has caused great controversy between Disney fans, some eager to see change and others wanting ride purity. Since the release of information regarding the Season of the Force, and with both and Jedi Training Academy closed during the season, Discoveryland appears to be a less than ideal location. Therefore, it is no wonder that the “second gate” has finally had its calling, and maybe here will be the home for an eagerly awaited Star Wars Land.

Therefore, the home for Star Wars Land, if it ever arrives at Disneyland Paris, is still very uncertain. The only thing that is certain is, if the success of the franchise continues to grow, it would seem idiotic for Disneyland Paris to miss out and capitalise on its success.

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