On top of the brand new mission coming to Star Tours on November 17th (focused on the events of episode 8), WDWNT have reported some pretty big changes coming to the attraction in 2018.

Star Tours will be split into two distinct attractions though not perhaps how fans would have expected.

In the same way that Mission Space has Green and Orange (and two very different experiences) in 2018 Disney will split Star Tours by Episodes 1 through to 6 and then Episodes 7 and 8.

While this might not appear to make a lot of sense, the current story takes place right at the end of Episode 3 and then moves into the original trilogy, the current trilogy does stick out more among the original trilogy.

While this is still a rumour at this stage, it does make some sense though in my opinion Disney have more things than this to worry about at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I am sure the queue for 1-6 will be much longer than 7 and 8 too.

This change is also expected to go to Disneyland though the rumour mentions nothing of Disneyland Paris.

What are your thoughts on this potential change to the Star Tours attraction?