Universal have revealed brand new details on the relaunch of The Incredible Hulk Coaster Relaunch and it would seem that much more work has gone into the attraction than we first thought here at Theme Park Trader.

Universal has released a summary video on what to expect:

A New Story and Queuing Area

To kick things off, as expected Universal have worked in a brand new queue and story to help build up the attraction as soon as you enter the area.

As soon as you enter the attraction you will encounter a huge statue of the Hulk himself holding up pieces of the old track layout that demonstrates just how strong of a character he is:

Hulk Coaster relaunch concept art of Hulk lifting track pieces

It is a nice touch that Universal have kept pieces of the old track for use in the entrance.

Story goes that General Ross is calling upon volunteers for a brand new experiment that will subject guests to the same levels of gamma radiation that Bruce Banner put himself through when he became the Hulk, the process being called “Hulk-a-fication” by General Ross.

As a result of this story change, the interior of the attraction has completely changed and is now modelled on a state of the art military compound where these questionable gamma experiments are happening:


You can also see from the below concept art that the story has also impacted how the loading area looks:

Incredible Hulk Coaster 2017 relaunch concept art of launch area of coaster

Ride Car Redesign

To top everything off Universal have redesigned the coaster car itself and modelled it on recent innovations in military aircraft but as you can see it still looks very ‘Hulk’ like:

Incredible Hulk Coaster 2017 Ride Car Redesign

Not only do the new coaster cars look awesome, they also come fitted with in-seat speakers that play a brand new soundtrack during the ride that has been written by Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump!

The new redesign of the attraction really does look awesome and I am glad that Universal seem to have spared no expense in reinventing this attraction, Summer 2016 is looking like a good time to visit Universal  Orlando!

Let us know what you think of the redesign in the comments below!