There are some pretty strong rumours floating around that the Rivers of Light show is to receive dining packages in the same way that Fantasmic currently does.

Tusker House is the dining location where these packages have begun to show up and although they aren’t bookable yet, it is interesting to see that someone at Disney has added them to Android specifically, I would take this us a pretty much guarantee that this will be happening once Rivers of Light officially opened (still no word on that just yet)

AJ over at Disney Food Blog spotted this first and he has some great screenshots that details breakfast, lunch and dinner packages – not sure how this would work for a nighttime  show but again, nothing official from Disney on this so don’t take this as gospel.

The screenshots also seem to suggest that the show will be performed 3 times a night (if you assume one for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Personally I think this is extremely unlikely and that we would be lucky to get two shows an evening, you never know though!

It makes sense for Disney to go down this route as it means more cashflow coming in and guaranteed bums on seats for shows (not that I think this will be a problem). The only trouble is how much space is going to be left for those who don’t book dinner and don’t have a FastPass (assuming of course dinner and FastPasses are going to be happening).

Let us know what you think of dinner packages at Tusker House for Rivers of Light in the comments below!