It looks like the next phase of MagicBands could well be in development at Walt Disney World if public records from the FCC are anything to go by…

The record, which can be found here, describes the equipment as a DTS – Digital Transmission System and pictures of the prototype would seemingly allow for interchangeable straps. Until we hear otherwise from Disney, I am calling this MagicBand 2.0:

MagicBand version 2 mock-up potential

According to several reports I have read (including this great one over at, the new devices will allow guests to keep the same band (or puck as some people are referring to this new version as) which would save Disney a tonne of money in having to put a new chip into every new MagicBand.

Disney would retain the profits from customised bands through the different straps that would be sold separately. This seems to work in a very similar way to the current FitBit technology and makes a lot of sense to introduce new guests to something they are already familiar with. I must confess to loving the current iteration of MagicBands above the current iteration of FitBit but there we go!

This would make a lot of sense, I only head to Walt Disney World around two maybe three times a year and I have loads of MagicBands associated to my account, I am sure this is causing no end of hassle for Disney.

The record suggests that this next generation of MagicBands has some information withheld until February 2017 so I expect we will see a formal announcement from Disney shortly before that.

Obviously as of right now this is all speculation, there has been no indication as of yet as to what might happen to the first generation of MagicBands.

As soon as I hear something else on this I will be sure to let you all know!