Opening on September 20, Tron Realm is set to be the very first expansion over at Shanghai Disneyland. More Tron sounds like a great idea to me so lets explore exactly what is coming!

Tron Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge is opening up in Tomorrowland on September 20 and will showcase three state of the art concept vehicles alongside simulators and vehicle design technology.

Tron Realm Concept Art

Tron Realm Concept art

There are three main interactive zones for guests to explore, Imagine, Create and Drive, each with their own interactive elements.

Imagine zone

Guests get into a virtual Light Suit and experience driving in the world of Tron

Create zone

Advanced Vehicle Design is located within the Create Zone and allows guests to create next generation vehicles (think of it like Test Track).

Drive zone

You can drive a Light Runner from the seat of a Chevrolet Driving Pod inside the digital world of Tron.

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