Yesterday Dan and I were incredibly lucky to be able to attend a special event in London (right next to Kings Cross no less) to hear more about the brand new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

So what did we learn that was new about the attraction?

The Story Takes Place in The Forbidden Forest

So we kind of expected as much but Universal confirmed that the storyline for Hagrid’s Coaster takes place in the heart of The Forbidden Forest where Universal have planted over 1200 trees to really give the feeling that you are travelling through the forest.

Expect to See Some of your Favourite Magical Creatures

So the long-standing rumour of guests encountering Fluffy in this journey was… CONFIRMED.

Universal has built a giant animatronic Fluffy and it sounds absolutely amazing. In addition, we are going to see Cornish Pixies, Centaurs and one magical creature that is yet to be announced that Universal stated isn’t in the movies, exciting stuff!

You will also have to fight against the Devils Snare in the attraction, more surprises such as this have also been promised by Universal!

Hagrid’s Coaster is a Story Focused Coaster

The coaster itself is going to hit speeds of 50mph and will travel both forwards and backwards through the Forbidden Forest and include a fairly sizeable drop.

There’s going to be a drop and Robbie Coltrane mentioned that at some point in the journey, things are going to go a bit pear-shaped (not that he was supposed to mention this!). Of course, we also got confirmation we would be riding a motorcycle.

The coaster is also going to feel very different depending on whether you are riding in the driving seat of Hagrid’s motorcycle or in the sidecar with Universal spending a lot of time to make it feel like the motorbike is flying as it would if you were sat in the real thing.

There were a few great surprises at the event, including a visit from Hagrid himself, Robbie Coltrane!

Here’s a great summary from Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton:

This truly is going to be an immersive, story-driven coaster and we can’t wait to ride it when it opens on June 13th.