Now I will be the first to admit that I am not the right person to be talking to when it comes to splashing out $250 per hour on someone to do something I can do myself…

That being said, Disney has obviously seen a need and has today revealed a partnership with Melanie Pace who is now accepting personal shopping sessions at Disney Springs.

Melanie is a big fashion advisor who has featured in Women’s Health, E! News and Shape Magazine and has worked with big brands including Amazon and Jimmy Choo.

So what are you getting for $250 an hour?

  • One on one consultancy time with a fashion advisor
  • Recommendations based on your unique style
  • Beauty advice including skincare and make-up tips
  • Special access to Disney Springs retailers

Again, I am not the best person to talk to regarding personal shopping sessions but seriously, I could buy my clothes for the year on $250, how much money to people have to waste spend?

Should this float your boat, you can book a session on or call 321-377-1337 and asking for a Disney Springs Style Session.

Will you be splashing out on a personal shopping experience at Disney Springs?