First details have been revealed on the two upcoming Shanghai Disney hotels, The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the Toy Story Hotel.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

This is going to be the 5 star resort on property and it set to be themed to an art nouveau style. The concept are detailed below looks incredible and while the number of rooms hasn’t been announced just yet, this looks like it is going to be a truly fantastic hotel to stay at.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel exterior concept art

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Lobby

Upon entering the hotel, guests will be greeted by what looks to be a stunning lobby with a Mickey and Friends statue in the middle.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Lobby

The Shanghai Disneyland Indoor Swimming Pool

Other than being themed on The Little Mermaid not much has been revealed on the indoor pool at this stage other than the concept art detailed below.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Little Mermaid indoor swimming pool concept art

The Shanghai Disneyland Beauty and the Beast Restaurant

The restaurant at the hotel is set to be themed on Beauty and the Beast which is an interesting choice given Be Our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World. Still, I am sure the food will be incredible and I am looking forward to seeing the menu at the restaurant. No word on the official name of the restaurant just yet but ill be sure to update you all once I see the first details.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant concept art

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Bar

Just a bar I hear you say, never if its Disney and it looks like the bar has some classic Fantasia theming to it which is a nice touch.

The Shanghai Disneyland hotel bar concept art

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Standard Room

While there looks to be a great picture of Mickey and Minnie on the wall and a good sized television the room looks very similar to the standard rooms I have stayed in before at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris which is by no means a bad thing!

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel standard room concept art

The Toy Story Hotel

The Toy Story Hotel is set to be the cheaper of the two hotels and while not confirmed by Disney (as far as I know) the hotel is going to be the equivalent of a value resort in Walt Disney World.

Toy Story Hotel concept art exterior

The Toy Story Hotel Entrance & Lobby

The entrance and lobby area will heavily feature Woody and Buzz Lightyear (as to be expected) and looks like there is some artwork reminiscent of Toy Story Midway Mania too!

Toy Story Hotel entrance concept art

Toy Story Hotel lobby concept art

Toy Story Hotel Outdoor Area

When walking round the outside of the hotel guests will encounter huge statues of Woody and Buzz LightYear that Disney seem to be showing off as a photo opportunity.

Toy Story Hotel Woody Statue concept art

Toy Story Hotel Buzz LightYear statue concept art

Toy Story Hotel Rooms

The hotel rooms look fantastic and remind me of Andy’s Room in the original Toy Story movie. Although I would prefer to stay at the Disneyland Shanghai Hotel, I wouldn’t turn down staying in one of these awesome looking rooms!

Toy Story Hotel room concept art

Both of these hotels look to be a real experience and are shaping up really well, more detail closer to the opening of the resort in July!