SeaWorld recently announced a new addition to SeaWorld Orlando that is set to be the tallest, longest and faster coaster in central Florida!

Mako, is a shark-inspired coaster named after the Mako shark who are known for their speed and being able to change their course quickly. The ride itself will go around the park’s central lake and form a loop in front of the current Shark Encounter attraction. This will allow SeaWorld to create a new shipwreck themed area within the park which will be called Sharks Realm.

Take a look at a preview released for Mako below:

The 4,760ft long coaster will feature a 200ft drop and nine specifically designed moments of air time spread across the 3 minute long ride. SeaWorld are also looking to take rollercoaster special effects to the next level by trying to get the coaster to activate the land underneath.

Brian Morrow, senior director of attraction development stated:

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for years is to have a coaster activate the land underneath it so that the land and coaster are talking to each other. The sound and the lighting is the scattering of the fish as the predator comes through the space.”

A few other bits of information to get you excited for Mako:

  • There are going to be no inverted twists or upside-down elements
  • Thrills will come from the stretches of weightlessness that are planned
  • No leg dangling, feet will be contained within the ride itself
  • The ride vehicles will hold 28 people in rows of four
  • Constraints will be lap bar only
  • The ride will cover 7 acres with only 2 acres being in the current parameter of the park
  • Riders will travel backstage and get close to the exit of Aquatica

So are you excited for this new experience coming to SeaWorld? Let us know in the comments! In my opinion, Summer 2016 can’t come quickly enough!