In news that has come as a huge surprise to many fans, Disney is set to replace the famous bride auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

This means that we will no longer hear the pirates chant “We wants the Redhead” as they bid for her to be their bride. Don’t worry though, the famous Redhead isn’t going anywhere and instead being worked into a brand new scene in the attraction.

The work will be done during 2018 when both attractions will be down for refurbishment (no word on exact dates yet).

In the new scene the Redhead character will now be wielding a gun as she assists the townspeople in unloading treasure and loot under the command of the pirates.

Marty Sklar, who is a Imagineering Ambassador, had this to say on the changes:

Though it is fair to say that the Redhead scene is one of my favourite scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean, I am not against change and it is great to see that Disney are keeping the character in the attraction.

I also completely understand the reasoning behind Disney making the change, the scene does after all imply both slavery and rape, hardly messages that parents should have to explain to kids.

Though the attraction in 2018 may not be as historically accurate, I am looking forward to seeing some exciting changes coming to Pirates next year.

What are your thoughts on the removal of this classic scene?